The Digital Bleek and Lloyd


“This digital publication is part of a Llarec project to digitise, research and publish the Bleek and Lloyd Archive. The Digital Bleek and Lloyd includes scans of every page of the 110 Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks, 17 Lloyd (mostly) !kun notebooks and 28 Wilhelm Bleek |xam notebooks. It also includes Jemima Bleek’s solitary Korana and !kun notebook and four Lloyd Korana notebooks in the Maingard collection of the Library at the University of South Africa, as well as Dorothea Bleek’s 32 notebooks. All the drawings and watercolours made by |han≠kass’o, Dia!kwain, Tamme, |uma, !nanni and Da are also in the digital collection. The digital archive !includes a 280 000-word searchable index, cross-referenced and including !notes and summaries for each of the stories listed. Notes in italics are !direct quotes from the reports of Bleek and Lloyd in which they detailed !the progress of their research.”

Project team: Pippa Skotnes (director), Eustacia Riley, Thomas Cartwright, Cara van der Westhuizen and Fazlin van der Schyff.


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